Z-Sector TD Early Alpha (0.2)

Post all bugs below! We plan to have this bug free, balanced and fix within a few months.

A basic top down Zombie apocalyptic tower defense browser game created by TitanMods. Survive against hordes of zombies! 

40 Waves each match

3 levels so far

Z-Sector TD, the Top down post-Apocalyptic Tower Defense Browser  game. The goal is to survive! That's it! Defend against hordes of Enemies using turrets and settlers!



Scroll in and out using the middle mouse button

WASD Camera control

(R) To rotate object

More Information Inc...


http://game-maker.ru  [Special Creatures

https://freesound.org/ [Screams

Help me out by pointing out all bugs! 

Future Updates

Simple Settlement Management System

Special Perk System


Z -Sector MMO

These assets are originally from Z-Sector MMO Alpha


I decided to use Z-Sector MMO browser game assets to make this tower defense game to help raise awareness, test the assets and test gameplay features.  All donations will help support the Post-Apocalyptic top down MMO Z-Sector.


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